What can we do for you?

360 Surveying offers a wide variety of surveying services to both residential and commercial clients

Boundary Surveying

Whether you need to get a plat of your property or you need to resolve boundary issues with a property line survey, 360 Surveying is the company for you. We provide boundary surveying services for residential and commercial clients all over Northeast Texas

Topographic Surveying

Preparing a topographic survey consist of locating all surface features on a particular property or project and determine the change in elevation for all natural and artificial features. This allows us to create a 3d terrain model of your project. This information is crucial in deterring the water runoff of the property and calculating the amount of change that needs to be done to ensure a problem free end result.

Oil and Gas

In the oil and gas industry, precision is the key to everything. When you need your property surveyed, you have to be sure that the report is completely accurate before you start developing, drilling or adding infrastructure. That's why 360 Surveying provides exhaustive oil and gas surveying services in Northeast Texas.

Other Services

Before you break ground on your construction project, you need to know where everything is and where everything needs to be built. 360 Surveying provides construction staking along with other surveying services to make sure you get started on the right foot. We work with both commercial and residential clients in Northeast Texas.

Do I Need A Surveyor?

If you’re planning the development of your property, re- establishing the legal boundaries of your home or planning your oil and gas operation, you need an experienced and trustworthy land surveyor to give you precise measurements . 360 Survey has more than 66 years of combined experience doing just that.

Planning on buying/selling your home? Expanding or establishing your oil & Gas operation? Need property lines for development?

"360 surveying is my go to on every single transaction I handle as a realtor. They are fast, friendly and affordable. I highly recommend them and I'm able to rest easy knowing they will follow up with me and handle every client with care."

- 360 Surveying Customer