Oil and Gas Surveying Is Vital to Your Operations

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In the oil and gas industry, precision is the key to everything. When you need your property surveyed, you have to be sure that the report is completely accurate before you start developing, drilling or adding infrastructure. That's why 360 Surveying provides exhaustive oil and gas surveying services in East Texas.

You can depend on us to provide a detailed report of any aspect of your property. Our reports follow all federal and state surveying regulations so that you can ensure your operations will be in full compliance with the law.

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Survey every detail of your oil and gas operation

Survey every detail of your oil and gas operation

When you’re planning to develop your oil and gas field or infrastructure, you need reliable oil and gas surveying services. 360 Surveying can provide a range of surveying services specific to the East Texas oil industry, including:

  • Infrastructure surveys of layout, assets and as-built
  • Well surveys, along with staking and platting
  • Ownership mapping, with regard to surface and mineral
  • Easement surveys
  • Preliminary design survey
  • Bid and prelim alignment sheets
  • As-built surveying
  • As-built alignment sheets

You can depend on our reports to be detailed and completely accurate. Reach out to us right away to schedule surveying services in East Texas.